Professional Postpartum Doula Care

You deserve to be nurtured.


Having a newborn at home can be a challenging time for a new

family, riddled with endless transitions and many uncertainties. 

Having a professional postpartum doula visit you during this time

period can greatly reduce stress, ease concerns and help you feel more confident.  

In addition, a postpartum doula can provide a listening ear, an extra set of hands, someone to help run errands, and all of the above. 

Self Care

  • Continuous emotional support to transition through the many changes that you and your family may be experiencing 
  •  Assistance with newborn care like bathing, diapering, feeding  
  • Assistance with initiating baby-wearing and cloth diapering

Family and Household

  •  Meal preparation and/or organization of local meal drop off, housekeeping, petcare 
  • Light Housekeeping 
  • Pet care 
  • Shopping and other misc. errands
  • Childcare of older siblings

Professional & Experienced

Photo by Leandro Cesar Santana on Unsplash

  • Lactation support and extended resources (from a Certified Lactation Counselor) 
  • Information about local support groups
  • Referrals to other support professionals
  • Experienced childcare for older siblings