Meet your Doula


Helen Korczak resides in Easthampton with her partner and family.  As a mother herself to three exuberant children, she is no stranger to the rhythms and routines of family living in the Pioneer Valley.   You may see her at the grocery store or at pickup after school and she is the woman in your community sharing in and truly understanding your experiences as you decide to grow your own family.  

It was in the spring of 2011 with the birth of her eldest child that Helen found herself entering the role of motherhood.  With that transition, her passion to support the people around her beginning their own journeys into parenthood was born as well. 

From those early postpartum days, Helen felt the calling to support the parents within her community and as a new mother, she did this through participation in parenting groups, sharing with friends, and generally being authentic in representing her own experiences of the early days of parenthood.  When she determined that doula care would be the most effective and most fulfilling way to express her passion, she began training as a Postpartum Doula with Warm Welcome Birth Services in July of 2014.  From there, she became CPR and First Aid certified and served as a home visit volunteer with It Takes a Village - a local organization that supports postpartum families in the Hilltowns of the Pioneer Valley.  In January 2015, she completed her birth doula training and began attending births shortly thereafter.  In the early fall of 2016, Helen became certified as a Lactation Counselor to further support the new parents she works with and she is also currently serving as the Vice President of the Green River Doula Network.   

Through her doula support, Helen is also deeply committed to normalizing the various experiences we encounter as parents in and beyond the early days. She works hard to remain available to her clients to offer continual assistance finding the local resources necessary as your child grows.  Additionally she has personal connections to the LGBTQ+ community and with indigenous roots in Colombia, it is a personal passion of hers to make doula support accessible to individuals and families within these communities.

In her free time, Helen enjoys doing yoga, swimming, and riding her bike with her kids.